A Huge Dilemma – To Fell or Not to Fell

By | April 30, 2015

There’s nothing lovelier than a beautiful, big tree – but sometimes you have to ask yourself the dreaded question: to fell or not to fell? This is particularly true when young trees were planted years ago by a well-meaning gardener who simply didn’t consider the impact the tree would have on your lifestyle when it reached maturity. Take heart! Although tree-murder may seem to be the only possible solution, a little judicious tree surgery or lopping might be enough to solve your problem. Typically, the issues people have with mature trees are:

It’s a monster!

Small gardens call for small trees, larger gardens work well with larger species. Unfortunately a previous owner of your home might have decided that the tree’s mature size wasn’t going to be his problem anyway, and now it’s yours.

Big Tree

Your garden feels like the deep, dark forest

While this might sound quite nice, especially on a summers’ day, an overly planted garden cuts the light from your home and can even feel so thoroughly enclosed that it becomes claustrophobic. There isn’t enough room for kids and pets to play and if you want to bask in the sunshine a little, you can’t do so in the privacy of your own garden.

You can’t see the wood for the trees

Trees should frame rather than obscure views and vistas. Although your garden should offer you privacy, it shouldn’t cut you off completely from your surroundings, particularly if those surroundings are beautiful. Opening up old gardens to allow a view of your surroundings gives you a ‘sense of place’ so that you feel as if your home its environment.

It’s knocking to come in!

You’re lying in bed at night, the wind is blowing. You should be feeling cosy and safe, but instead there’s a knocking (or even a hammering) sound as branches crash into your roof and windows. Apart from the fact that you’re losing sleep on a dark and stormy night, you’re also imagining the damage it’s causing to your building.

The sword of Damocles is dangling over your head

You don’t like the look of some of those branches. Every time the wind gets up, your tree starts to groan and mutter as if it’s on the verge of launching a branch at you. No, you are not paranoid. Heavy branches can fall, and sometimes, they don’t even need a high wind to do so. If the wood is rotten, the weight of the branch can cause it to fall on a perfectly still day.

Don’t try this at home!

It’s possible that lopping and pruning could solve your problem, but we’re serious when we say it shouldn’t be done by amateurs. You need to have know-how, or you’ll ruin your tree. You need to have the right equipment or you might injure yourself. Going up a tree to work with power-tools is one of the most dangerous things that anyone can attempt – unless they know exactly what they’re doing.

Call on a tree-care specialist who loves trees and knows how best to work with them. A real pro will be able to make light work of a seemingly mammoth task while keeping you, your property and his own safety firmly in mind!