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What To Do With Woody Garden Waste

Nowadays, most of us have a compost bin or compost heap where we turn our softer garden and kitchen waste into compost for our gardens. Even if you have a small garden, you can buy or make a compact compost bin that helps you turn waste into soil-nourishing compost. But what should you do with… Read More »

Could your Garden Contribute to Conservation?

We’ve become accustomed to seeing ourselves and our activities as somehow falling outside of the natural environment instead of being part of them. Is it possible for your suburban garden to become a haven for nature?

Are Your Trees a Hazard?

As trees get older and taller, they really start looking their best, but they can also present a hazard that could affect you, your family, your home and passers-by. Tree attack! It takes a trained eye to see when a tree is poised to strike. Branches that have a weak union with the tree trunk… Read More »

A Huge Dilemma – To Fell or Not to Fell

There’s nothing lovelier than a beautiful, big tree – but sometimes you have to ask yourself the dreaded question: to fell or not to fell? This is particularly true when young trees were planted years ago by a well-meaning gardener who simply didn’t consider the impact the tree would have on your lifestyle when it… Read More »

5 Australian Trees that Everyone Loves

Australia has some of the loveliest tree species – small wonder that so many of them have become sought after ornamentals all over the world. Let’s take a look at five gorgeous species that are almost irresistibly beautiful. Queensland Lacebark (Brachychiton discolour) If you’d like to plant this gorgeous species, you’ll need plenty of room.… Read More »

Preparing Your Trees for Storm Season

Here in Queensland, the months from November through April are typically among the wettest of the years. While there may be mild, gentle showers that pass harmlessly through the area from time to time to bring much needed rain to the area, there are also intense and even damaging showers. These may be storms with… Read More »