Preparing Your Trees for Storm Season

By | March 10, 2015

Here in Queensland, the months from November through April are typically among the wettest of the years. While there may be mild, gentle showers that pass harmlessly through the area from time to time to bring much needed rain to the area, there are also intense and even damaging showers. These may be storms with torrential downpours and gusty winds. Some may be tropical cyclones that may bring days of severe storms at a time. These strong and damaging storms can threaten your home, but you may be able to more easily protect it from damage when you spend time caring for your trees today.

Understanding How Trees Can Damage Your Home

The Queensland storm season can be long and destructive, and your home needs to be prepared for the bad weather that may threaten the area. The trees on your property are of particular concern, and when you understand why this is, you will be able to better protect your home. Even the most sturdy and strong trees can break when exposed to strong winds and heavy rains. The weight of the extra water on the leaves can pull tree limbs downward, creating strain and pressure on the limbs and branches. The strength of gusty winds can add further strain to a tree and may even tear a limb off the trunk. When these things happen, the branches may brush against the roof or sides of the home to cause damage, or the branches may even fall onto the roof or blow into a window.

Fallen Tree Branch

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Identifying Weaknesses in Trees

When you want to protect your home during the Queensland storm season, it is important to first identify any areas of weakness in your trees. Pay particular attention to the trees that are located close to your home. Keep in mind that some trees can even topple over entirely, pulling the root system up and out of the ground. Because of this, any tree that is located close enough to the home to fall into it should be of particular concern. Look for branches that appear to be stressed or weighted or trees that appear to be diseased. If you have any concerns, get in touch with us and we can work with you to improve the condition of your trees.

Trimming Tree Limbs Away From the Home

Even when trees are healthy, tree limbs can still be stressed to the breaking point or blow into the sides or the roof of a home. Therefore, trim branches so that they are at least several feet away from the home. Because growth can be significant in some trees, you may need to complete this step once or even twice per year in some cases. If you have any doubts about the best way to trim your trees we can help you out. It is important to remember that incorrect lopping can actually cause more damage.

The storm season in Queensland can be a particularly damaging time of year, and one of the most common causes of damage to homes is related to trees. Now that you have an improved understanding of how trees can become damaged in a storm and how they can damage your home, you can take better steps to improve your trees and to protect your property.

For more ways to prepare your trees for storm season, check out our infographic.