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For all your stump grinding and root removal needs!

We remove unsightly or hazardous stumps and tree roots. We can either do full stump removal or ensure that the stump is ground to just below the earth surface eliminating tripping hazards and freeing up space for something more attractive or practical than a dead stump. It’s clean, it’s neat and we do it with ease thanks to our advanced stump grinding equipment.

At Gold Coast Tree Lopping we have the correct stump grinding machines for the removal of small and large stumps. You’ll love watching our mechanical marvels at work and you’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily stump removal can be achieved thanks to our professional stump grinding service.

Our qualified arborists can remove any size tree stump or surface roots on paved areas, driveways or landscapes at your home or business. You can spend a few days trying to do it yourself (you may or may not succeed), or you can call us for tree stump removal service and watch that stump vanish in no time at all.

Because we have the right equipment and experience, those problematic-looking stumps don’t need to be a hassle at all. It might cost you less than you expect and you will be thrilled with the results. Problem? What problem? We have yet to encounter a stump we can’t remove! Put us to the test.



Our stump grinders produce a lot of neatly chopped up wood that’s ideal as a mulch. It will look great on your garden beds and it will help to keep your soil and plants healthy whilst keeping the soil moist and the weeds down. If you’d rather not keep it on site, we will take it away and it won’t be wasted.

If you want to remove an entire tree we can do that also.

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