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Tree Trimming/Pruning/Shaping

Ideally, one should consult a certified arborist on a regular basis. Over time trees and bushes grow out of control requiring regular maintenance. Branches begin to interfere with buildings and dead wood in the canopy can be downright dangerous. Sometimes, living branches form weak unions with the trunk and pose a risk to people and property should they fall. Tree trimming/pruning yourself can be risky and dangerous. Apart from the obvious risks to life and limb, tree pruning by an inexperienced person might permanently damage the tree, or fail to recognise branches that may later drop. Call the experts!

We’ll come and inspect the work that needs to be done and provide you with a free no-obligation quote. We make light work out of even the biggest projects and you might be surprised to see how affordable a tree service can be. Those ‘impossible’ pruning jobs suddenly become not only possible, but easy. It’s a matter of picking up your phone and calling us.

We have the right equipment and training to safely trim and shape your trees, bushes and hedges to just how you like it! If you have any trees in your garden, even young ones, we can ensure that they grow into the beauties you dreamed of through correct tree pruning and training. If you have an ailing, malformed or overgrown tree but don’t want to fell it, call our tree surgeon. Perhaps correct care can save the day.gctreelopping

All pruning, thinning, and dead wooding are necessary ways to maintain the health and safety of trees in urban and confined areas. Not everyone realizes what an art this is, and not all tree trimming companies are equipped with the right expertise. Don’t take any chances, ensure that your tree pruning is done by a certified arborist.

All our tree lopping services are done to correct arboriculture standards. Don’t wait until your trees cause problems. Have them assessed regularly. We never prune unless it’s necessary and getting rid of problem branches while they are young is much easier and better for the tree too.

We pride ourselves in safety, efficiency and cleanliness. Some tree trimming companies may leave you with a mess. When we leave your property, all signs of our activities leave with us.

We can do complete removal of a tree you can contact us today to find out more.

For all your tree felling needs call today for a free, no obligation quote!

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Powerline Clearance

Keeping your trees clear from power lines is an ongoing task. We recommend pruning trees on a 2-3 year basis to keep them clear.